Assignment #5: Presentation

Monday, 31 July 2017

This assignment involves the creation of a well-formed presentation for use on screen. You also have the option of making your presentation run as a narrated self-running presentation with embedded audio.

The assignment aims to strengthen your HTML skills while also learning to create visual presentation materials and craft a short narrative for a presentation.

You will use reveal.js in combination with audio files to create an automated, narrated web object.


You will be exposed to the following skillsets;

  1. HTML5
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Optional: Audio manipulation


I expect you to write and construct a short (3-5 min) presentation on the topic of your choice.


You will need a text editor. Your presentation will be stored in GitHub and you can manipulate the text using the editor in CodeAnywhere.


You will need to do the following for this assignment to be considered complete.

  1. Fork the base repository
  2. Create your base presentation slides using the included Markdown template and convert it to HTML5 using Pandoc. Instructions for this are in the file in this repository.
  3. Add speaker notes to enclose the text of your presentation.
  4. Add images, styles, and fragments accordingly.
  5. Make sure that all of your changes are added, committed, and pushed.
  6. Test your presentation to ensure that all runs smoothly.
  7. Write a blog post that links to your presentation repository and write a brief synopsis of the content of the presentation.

Optional instructions for extra credit

  1. Narrate and record audio of the presentation.
  2. Use Audacity to cut the audio files into the appropriate lengths for the transitions (see instructions on class site).
  3. Upload the audio files and insert the source links in each section and fragment.

For this you will need to use audio manipulation software, preferrably Audacity.

Assignment #5: Presentation - July 31, 2017 -