Pandoc Reference

Installing Pandoc

To install Pandoc in your CodeAnywhere DevBox, use the following command:

sudo apt-get install pandoc

If you are going to be compiling a document with citations then you will also want to install pandoc-citeproc:

sudo apt-get install pandoc-citeproc

Et voila. Installed.

Basic Pandoc commands

All Pandoc commands are documented here:

Convert a Markdown file to HTML:

pandoc -o example.html

Pandoc reads the filetype from the extension in normal usage. If you want to convert a file directly from a URL, you will have to specify the filetype, like this:

pandoc -f html -t markdown

You can make sure that certain things, like quotes and em-dashes, get read and formatted propery by specifying the "Smart" switch (a capital -S or --smart):

pandoc -S -o example.html

There are a host of other commands in the documentation. Be sure to try them out.

Specific file commands

Convert your markdown to HTML:

pandoc -o example.html

If you wish to convert to a DOCX or ODT file:

pandoc -o example.docx pandoc -o example.odt

If you wish to convert between two different word processor filetypes, we might have to get a little creative. We learned in class that if we issue the following command, we get errors related to file encoding and the conversion will not work.

pandoc -o example.docx example.odt

If, however, we add an intermediary step, say through HTML, we can get the output that we want. Try it like this instead:

pandoc -o example.docx example-tmp.html && pandoc -o example.odt example-tmp.html

This preserves the formatting and extracts the text from the DOCX as an HTML file and then converts that HTML into ODT. We do not have the weird encoding errors this way, and we don't have to mess with pipes.

Filter a document through a template file:

pandoc -S --reference-docx=FILE -o example.docx

In the above command, you need to specify the location of the template file. If it is a file called template.docx and is located in the same directory as your Markdown source, then the command will be:

pandoc -S --reference-docx=./template.docx -o example.docx

You can also use an ODT or OTT for reference:

pandoc -S --reference-odt=./ -o example.odt

Example files

Link to the example files.

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